Bluehost Review 2020

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We continuously test and monitor web hosts thoroughly to give you information is in depth the best hosts on the market. In this Bluehost review you shall see that they continue to score highly in our tests on uptime, affordability and remains a market leader in the hosting space.

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It’s an all-around superb web host that boasts incredible uptime levels, responsive and helpful customer support, along with excellent loading speeds.

Then check out Bluehost today if you’re a small business owner, or are building your very first blog or website

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The Importance Of A Quality Host Like Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most commonly used internet hosts available to you today. Lots of hosting companies are a definite dime a dozen. The thing you need is really a hosting provider that places a focus on reliability, uptime, performance, and is equipped with the features that are necessary to assist you to build and develop your site.

Bluehost is really an ongoing company that’s experienced popular since their inception over 15 years ago. They’ve been serving clients throughout the world by giving a reasonable, dependable, and high-performing solution.

The selection of web host shall influence your website significantly more than you think. Your web host will become the inspiration for the others of your site. Choose a quality web hosting provider and you’ll find yourself with a high-performing, secure website, that’s online when it’s needed the most.

History & Background Of Bluehost

Bluehost began back in 1996 as a hosting that is freely called started by Matt Heaton. Today in in 2003 it renamed them Bluehost and has since grown into the company you know.

They’ve grown to a staff of over 750 employees since their inception. They host over 2 million internet sites all over the globe.

For over 10 years Bluehost has been in partnership with WordPress, maintaining a full-time staff dedicated to providing WordPress support, along with an engineering group focused on WordPress core development. This understanding has permitted Bluehost to craft affordable and WordPress that is high-performing hosting.

Bluehost is one of the most commonly used internet hosts available to you today. Lots of hosting companies are a definite dime a dozen. The thing you need is really a hosting provider that places a focus on reliability, uptime, performance, and is equipped with the features that are necessary to assist you to build and develop your site.

Features and Advantages Of Bluehost

Bluehost has an impressive deal of choosing it. It is perhaps not the ideal host for every type of website owner. But, the truth that they host over 2 million websites, while having experienced company for 15 years, says that they’re something that is doing.

Here are some of this biggest benefits that web hosting with Bluehost could offer your new website:



  • Bluehost has very impressive and consistent uptime levels.
  • 10/10 for help and support. Constantly quick and helpful to get in contact with them.
  • WordPress web hosting which has 100% compatibility along with WordPress features and plugins.

1. Incredible Server Uptime

İnternet site uptime is essential. Uptime may be the proportion of time that the site is online. The industry standard uptime for service is just about 99percent, which can seem great. But, not absolutely all hosts will end up adhering actually to this standard.

We’re thrilled to report that Bluehost offers very website uptime that is high. Average Bluehost uptime ends up hovering around 99.9%. And also this is also regarding their lower degree hosting that is shared plans. You could expect plans like cloud hosting, VPS, and devoted servers to become almost 100%.

Without having an uptime that is high, you run the possibility of losing revenue and supplying an undesirable consumer experience across the board. Most likely, your users won’t be able to get into your site if it’s offline.

Luckily, with Bluehost, this may never be a concern.

2. Very Fast Server Speeds

Bluehost is not the host that is fastest on the market. But, it is loading speeds will be adequate for many webmasters. The rates will vary depending on also the web hosting you end up going with.

For example, shared hosting will end up being the slowest hosting packages, but their speeds are competitive. While, going with plans like VPS or a dedicated will deliver even faster loading times, as you have greater host resources dedicated to your internet site.

There’s also bundled tools which will help to enhance loading speeds more like CloudFlare. CloudFlare is just a CDN that will store extra copies of your site for a network of servers around the world. This way whenever somebody accesses your website they’ll be offered a version of your website from the closest physical server location.

3. Bundled Daily Backups

Backups are an aspect that is overlooked of a site. Often, it isn’t something you even consider until it’s too late. That’s why having automated backups is this kind of blessing.

Bluehost offers backups that are daily internet site restorations on all of their web hosting plans. Now, these backups have their limitations, so then you’ll still want to upgrade or use third-party backup software if you’re serious about backing up your site.

But, having basic backups in every hosting plan is an incredible offer.

All you have to do is restore your site from a previous version, instead of having to re-create everything from scratch if something goes wrong with your site.

4. Very Beginner Friendly

Even though the means of building a website or starting a weblog is a lot easier than it was once, the process can remain a confusing that is little beginners. There are always a lot of actions associated with getting your site online from securing and installing your web hosting, to selecting a domain name, to finally building away your internet site.

One thing that is great Bluehost is that they will have a client onboarding experience that’s entirely oriented towards beginners. This means they’ve a neat and simple user interface, while making sure any confusing technical elements are very well explained.

Therefore, choosing the best web hosting package for your needs, and setting up hosting is definitely an easy and intuitive experience.

Plus, through any sticking points quickly and efficiently if you run into any issues related to setting up your hosting, there’s an extensive collection of tutorials and walkthroughs to help move you.

5. Long Track Record

A web hosting company won’t last provided that Bluehost without doing one thing right. Bluehost possesses a very long track record of customer satisfaction and success. Spend some time looking at various reviews online and you’ll realize that all the responses are overall that is positive.

Plus, the formal recommendation from WordPress states a lot too. WordPress powers over 30% associated with the web, so they will not go around anyone that is endorsing.

Also, once you pick a host, that’s been with us for a while you’ll realize that they’ve every one link resolved, and they will structure their service. It is near impractical to locate a host that’s been around for 15 plus years that isn’t reliable.

6. Flexible and Scalable

Since Bluehost is this large hosting provider, they feature many plans that enable you to measure your site up while staying with the same hosting provider.

All of this can be done painlessly whether you’re looking to upgrade to a higher tiered hosting plan, or to another plan altogether, like the move from shared hosting VPS hosting.

Their web hosting group will make sure it is a painless procedure and make sure your website does not experience any downtime during the move.

Plus, managing your website and server could be easier n’t. Along with their customized interface, it is possible to monitor and manage host resources to assist you determine when it’s time for you update.

7. Solid Customer Support and Documentation

Support probably is not something you must make use of for a daily basis when a concern arises you’ll want a rock-solid support group behind you.

Bluehost places a consider customer support by offering a multitude of unconventional help choices. You’ll find live chat, phone help specialized in hosting that is different, alongside social networking support.

The easiest way of getting in touch with support is via the phone. You’ll still be put on hold, however they do their finest to guarantee you speak with an experienced professional that’s trained in the issue you’re facing.

Bluehost does a job great off to resolve help dilemmas before you also need to speak with a specialist. I fill their substantial help library up with an enormous selection of concerns and step-by-step walkthroughs to greatly help fix common dilemmas you’ll come across.

8. App and Integration Library

Bluehost features a massive application library that enables you to enable various services and software. Not only can you enable eCommerce functionality and CloudFlare, you could also plug your hosting account into Google Apps. Providing you with a plugin that is even large to draw from.

If you’re seeking to add more functionality to your site and hosting account, then you’ll have multiple options with all the app library.

9. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers pretty money that is a generous guarantee. It’s never as long as other web hosting guarantees, like 45-days, or 60-days. But it’s a no questions asked guarantee. As long as you cancel within the 30-day reimbursement you’ll get a refund that is full.

Then you’ll get a prorated refund for the rest of your term if you cancel after the 30-day guarantee period.

Disadvantages Of Bluehost

I pack Bluehost with useful features and provides a top-quality web hosting environment at a price that is affordable. Like most hosts, they aren’t perfect.

Check out for the biggest drawbacks to Bluehost web hosting that you’ll wish to be conscious

1. Renewal Price Increases

Like hosting companies that are most, you’ll experience a price jump in regards time to restore. Many serves provide low introductory prices to secure you as a consumer, only to experience the “actual” prices regarding time to restore. This problem isn’t something that’s unique to Bluehost as almost every single web host uses this prices strategy. But it is well worth mentioning.

You will pay a higher monthly rate than your introductory rate when you renew your plan after the initial term. Keep in mind that.

2. Unlimited Hosting Is Limited

Another typical web hosting practice is attempting to sell unlimited hosting whenever the truth is it is really quite restricted. Bluehost sells “unlimited” hosting, but as you’ll notice it’s pretty not even close to that truth.

Now, then you probably won’t run into these limits, but it’s still worth diving into what these limitations are if this is your first time building a site.

By “unlimited” web hosting, Bluehost implies that they’ll do their utmost to deliver all those on unlimited web hosting plans because of the resources to cultivate their websites, without experiencing a jump in prices. There are no arbitrary limitations put on these reports, but in case your site is consuming a large percentage of server resources, storage space, memory, then you may need to update your account, or you’ll experience things like slow loading speeds and website performance.

Then you’ll be fine if you’re staying within the terms and conditions and not consuming a super top level of server resources.

3. Costly Upgrades and Add-on Features

Although Bluehost is cheaper out from the gate all the add-on features and account upgrades can get costly. Therefore, then you will probably want to go with the stock account options if you’re on a budget.

Then expect to pay a much higher monthly fee if you want to do things like server upgrades, security upgrades, and more.

This won’t be a deal huge for many site owners, since the stock hosting features are enough. But, just know that we now have upsells throughout the checkout procedure plus the add-on features will drive up the monthly price of web hosting.

4. No Hosting

Bluehost is just a hosting company that is Linux-only. So there’s no support for sites that want a Windows server to function properly.

This probably won’t be an issue for the proportion of large of web hosting market. But, for those who need to run Windows servers, you must look elsewhere for web hosting.

5. No Free Site Migration

A lot of service will offer free migrations if you’re moving a site that is existing their servers. However, Bluehost does not give you a migration service that is free. If you want help to migrate your website over to Bluehost, then you will have to spend a fee.

Presently, you’ll have to pay for $149.99 to migrate up to 5 websites and 20 e-mail records. This method is completely managed by experts, and you’ll experience an uninterrupted site change. But once again, it is a service that you must cover, and it’s often a service that many hosting companies provides free of charge.

6. Lack Of Hosting Focus

Bluehost provides a ton of various hosting plans which can be oriented towards basically every type or type of webmaster around. For a lot of, this is great, because it provides you with lots of freedom to update your hosting plans and build a myriad out of various internet sites without having to migrate to some other web hosting provider.

However this might be a drawback. They don’t excel at any specific form of hosting since they don’t focus on a single offering. İncluding, they share some hosts’ just offer hosting that, while others only provide WordPress hosting. This permits them to focus on all facets of their service compared to that form of web hosting.

Bluehost isn’t one host, because they give you a variety of web hosting packages for almost every type or type of website around. Rather than having a niche focus they feature you hosting package freedom and scalability. This really is an advantage or drawback regarding the variety of website you’re building.

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