Neve Theme Review – Quick Customizable, and Page Builder Friendly 2020

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Neve Theme – If you have ever browsed the free theme directory, then you have noticed that the Neve motif, which sits close to the surface of the Popular listing, is busy on over 30,000 websites, and contains a great 5-star score. The core motif is absolutely free, and the programmer recently published a premium add-on which tacks on much more performance. Within our Neve motif review, we will go hands-free and show you about this subject. Neve merely had a large new release — 2.0 — so even if you’ve checked the subject before, you still may find something fresh in this particular review.

Generally, Neve is customizable, integrates nicely with page builders such as Elementor, and provides you a performance-optimized base that will assist your WordPress site load quickly.

Let us dig …

A Quick Overview

Neve brands itself as”a lightweight motif built for rate in the new WordPress age [of webpage builders]”. And that is a fairly good idea about what you get with Neve.

Everything begins with a lightweight focus — from this box, Neve comes in at only 200 KB on a new WordPress setup (such as WordPress itself).

Then, it intends to give easy customization through the native, real-time WordPress Customizer. You will have the ability to personalize your website’s design, header, fashion, etc. using easy interface controllers along with also a live preview of your website.

Neve also supplies many different pre-built demo websites that you can import with a couple clicks, and it incorporates well with page builders such as Elementor for much more layout control.

Another great thing about Neve is its own mobile-first layout. While virtually every WordPress theme is more responsive today, Neve places a better focus on cellular layout, even going as far as to bake native service for Google AMP.

Some Cases of those Neve Demo Sites

I will not reveal you each importable demo website, but let’s run through a few examples so that you know what Neve can perform (and that which it’s possible to import with a couple of clicks).

First, there is that the Neve restaurant demonstration , which provides a Large full-width picture:

Neve theme

The travel bureau demonstration maintains that same fundamental strategy, but includes some extra CTAs:

neve theme review

For all those demos, I would recommend clicking through to the true demo site so you can observe the entire layout, instead of simply the above-the-fold content. While the above-the-fold layout resembles every demonstration website, there is a good deal of different things going on under.

Neve Theme Review: Six Important Characteristics

Now, let us go hands-on Neve and I will show you a few of the top points…

1. Lightweight, Performance-Optimized Layout (like AMP Service )

As I mentioned previously, Neve is very lightweight and ready to load your website quickly. As soon as I analyzed things on a new WordPress setup, the whole website with Neve had only 200KB and 11 asks (which contains WordPress itself).

2. Footer and Header Builder

Your header and footer play an integral part in your website, particularly if you’re intending to use a webpage builder to design your own center content.

Here, Neve includes a very neat approach to allow you to construct your desktop computer and mobile header utilizing drag-and-drop. I have not seen any other motif implement a header builder this manner, and I believe that it’s fairly slick.

Fundamentally, within the WordPress Customizer, you will Find the drag-and-drop interface under, in Addition to widgets for:

  • Primary Menu
  • Logo & Site Identity
  • HTML
  • Search Icon
  • Menu icon
  • Button
  • Secondary Nav
  • Search Form
neve theme review
3. Importable Demo WebSites

As soon as it’s totally okay to build your website from scratch utilizing Neve’s choices, you could even bypass this process and export demonstration sites with only a couple of clicks.

The majority of these websites are constructed with Elementor, although the Initial design also comes at a Gutenberg cube editor variant if you would like that approach.

In the time that I am composing this Neve subject review, Neve provides 10 distinct demonstration websites :

  1. Original
  2. Shop
  3. Doctor
  4. Restaurant
  5. Charity
  6. Vet Center
  7. Energy Panel
  8. Lawyer
  9. Travel Agency
  10. Freelancer
neve theme wordpress

You can preview any presentation website by clicking on it. And importing it’s also super easy — you simply click on the Publish button. Neve will then provide you choices for what to import, and this can be helpful if, by Way of Example, you do not need to import the real content:

wordpress theme
4.Compatible Page Builder Plugins (Advices Elementor)

Along with demonstration sites assembled with Elementor, Neve is only normally built to be compatible with WordPress site builders.

Why is a motif”harmonious” with webpage builders?

Fundamentally, Neve provides you page-level choices to control the webpage builder canvas for every bit of material on your website. You can alter:

  • The container diameter
  • Whether or not use a sidebar, and that side It Ought to Be on
  • the Precise content breadth

And you can also disable some Important components:

  • Header
  • Title
  • Featured Image
  • Footer
neve page controls
5. Layout Options

To personalize the way your site appears, Neve comes packaged with a lot of different design options in the WordPress Customizer.

For Instance, If you wanted to alter the design of your site archive , you can quickly change between:

  • List with alternating featured images
  • Grid
  • List with featured image on the same side

You Might Also enable/disable particular metadata for every article:

neve blog layout

Likewise You May Also Pick the sidebar design for Certain pieces of articles:

neve sidebar layout

All those choices above are liberated, however, the Guru add-on plugin also provides you more control over designs (more with this at another ).

6. Thorough WooCommerce Compatibility

If you would like to produce an eCommerce shop, Neve includes complete WooCommerce compatibility.

Along with supplying cohesive styling to get WooCommerce content directly from the box, the Neve Pro add-in plugin Provides you access to this WooBooster module that adds a lot of new features such as:

  • Product videos
  • Wishlist functionality
  • Distract-free checkout
  • Multiple shop layouts

By Way of Example, you will be able to configure your own checkout page directly in the WordPress Customizer:

neve theme style
7. Booster Features (Guru )

You saw the WooCommerce Booster feature over, however, the Neve Pro add-in plugin also includes additional booster attributes for your header and website, in addition to an Elementor Booster should you decide to utilize the Elementor webpage builder.

neve theme pro
8. White Label (Pro)

If you are a programmer, the Pro version also Provides you the capability to white-label Neve to exhibit it as your theme:

neve white label

Neve Theme Pricing

The center Neve motif can be obtained at no cost at

Then, the Guru add-in plugin includes three Distinct programs, each one of which impacts the features that you get and how many websites you can utilize Neve on:

  1. Personal – $39
  2. Business – $59
  3. Agency – $99
neve theme price

Neve Theme Final Thoughts

Neve is among the newest forms of WordPress topics that concentrate on providing you a lightweight, customizable base and integrating WordPress site builders such as Elementor to command the content of your webpages (or perhaps Gutenberg, which Neve does nicely with all the Otter Blocks plugin in precisely the exact same programmer ).

If that is the strategy you prefer, Neve excels. It is lightweight and fast, includes heaps of WordPress Customizer controllers, and integrates flawlessly with webpage builders. You might even speed it up further with that the Optimole plugin in precisely the exact same programmer, which optimizes your website’s images.

Additionally, it has unique attributes, like that user-friendly header/footer builder. And should you buy the Guru add-on plugin, you are going to receive all these”Boosters” to unlock much more performance on your header, site, and WooCommerce content.

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