How to Begin an Online Store in 2020 (Step by Step)

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Would you wish to start your own internet shop? We are aware that building an internet store may be a thought when you aren’t techy. Well, you are not alone. After helping countless customers begin their online shop, We’ve decided to make the most comprehensive manual on the Best Way to Construct your online shop with WordPress (step by step)

how to build online store

What Do You Want to Begin an Online Store?

There’d been a better time to begin an internet business.

Anyone using a computer can begin within a couple of minutes and without obtaining any particular skills.


  1. A domain idea (this is going to be the title of your internet shop i.e
  2. A hosting accounts (that is where your site lives online )
  3. Your undivided attention for half an hour.

It is actually easy.

You can set up your online shop and you’ll help .

We will cover:

  • How to Register a Domain Name for Free
  • How to Decide on the Best WooCommerce Hosting
  • Ways to Acquire an SSL Certificate for Free (necessary for accepting payments)
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Produce a WooCommerce shop
  • How To Insert Products On Your Online Store
  • How to Select and Customize Your Theme
  • How To Expand Your Online Store using Plugins
  • Learning to Understand WordPress & Grow Your Business

Ready? Let us begin.

Step 1: Setting Your Online Store Platform

Is not currently picking the ideal platform for their online shop.

You’re here, so that you will not be making that error.

There are just two popular eCommerce platforms which we advocate: Shopify or Twitter + WooCommerce.

Shopify is a totally hosted eCommerce option that begins at $29 / month. It is a solution. The drawback to Shopify is that it becomes costly, if you don’t pay extra fees, along with your payment choices are limited.

That is the reason why users select WordPress + WooCommerce. It is well worth it for the very long term, although it will need some installation. WooCommerce is the world’s biggest eCommerce system (view: Shopify vs WooCommerce contrast ).

Within this tutorial, you will help .

To set up your shop, you will need to get a domain name, hosting, along with a SSL certificate.

A domain name is the site’s address online. It’s what users can type in their browsers to attain your site (such as or

Web hosting is where your site lives online. It is the home online of your website. is needed by Each site online.

SSL certification provides a distinctive safety layer on your site, which means you’re able to accept sensitive information like credit card numbers and other private info. This is needed that you accept credit card payments.

That is a whole lot of startup price.

Luckily, Hostinger, an official WordPress, and WooCommerce advocated hosting providers, has agreed to provide our customers with a completely free domainfree SSL certification, and a discount on hosting.

Hostinger is among the earliest hosting firms, began in 2004. They’re also the brand name in regards to WordPress since they host tens of thousands of sites including our very own hosting.

NOTE: In WPBeginner we believe in transparency. If you enroll with Hostinger with our referral link, we’ll make a small commission at no additional cost to you (in actuality, you are going to save yourself money and receive a free domain name ). We’d find this commission for advocating more or less any WordPress hosting firm, however, we only recommend products that we use and think will add value to our subscribers.

Let us go right ahead and buy your domain + hosting SSL.

Open Hostinger in a new window with this hyperlink and follow together.

Click and go on :

A) Purchasing your domain and Hosting

B) Telling Hostinger to set up WordPress for you

Step 2. Establishing WordPress

Hostinger has installed WooCommerce and WordPress. A message will be seen by you when you log in to WordPress. You’ll be asked what type of site you would like to install.

e commerce online stor with wordpress

Go ahead and click on do not want help’ link. Do not worry you will help through the actions that are crucial.

Close the installation wizard will show that your WordPress admin dashboard that looks like this:

wordpress dashboard

To begin with, you have to see Preferences” General webpage to set up your own WordPress website description and title.

wordpress setting

Setting up HTTPS to Use SSL

Your WordPress hosting package came with an SSL Certificate. This certification is pre-installed for your domain. Your WordPress website has to be configured, which that it lots as https vs HTTP.

About the Settings” General webpage, you have to modify your own WordPress Address and Website Address to use https rather than HTTP.

site title

Do not forget to scroll to store your preferences.

Your WordPress installation is complete. Now it’s time.

Measure 3. Setting Your WooCommerce Store

There are a couple things like money, payments, and sending details which you have to place up before you can begin selling.

You’ll see a welcome in your WordPress admin pages to WooCommerce’s telling. Go ahead and click the’installation wizard’ button at the telling.

wordpress run the setup wizard

This will establish the WooCommerce installation wizard in which you have to click the’Let us go’ button.

woocommerce wordpress plugins

WooCommerce requires few webpages for cart. You may click on the last button to produce these pages.

woocommerce setup

This will bring you.

You will have to inform WooCommerce where your shop is located and then unit and currency measure to utilize.

woocommerce store locale setup

Click on the last button to proceed after choosing money and your location.

You have to enter taxation and shipping details.

woocommerce shipping and tax setup

WooCommerce may be used to market products that need transport and both downloads.

If you’ll be sending products you have to check the box, or you could make it unchecked if you’ll simply sell products.

You have to answer the tax issue. WooCommerce can assist you include and compute taxes.

Then it is possible to leave it unaffected if you aren’t certain. You always have the option to add tax advice later.

Click the continue button to proceed.

You will be asked to select a payment method.

woocommerce payment

By default, WooCommerce includes support for PayPal Standard, PayPal, and payment gateways. There are other payment methods offered if you want for WooCommerce that you can install.

The simplest way to take payment if utilizing PayPal Standard.

Just enter your email address and then click the last button.

A good deal of people like us, utilize Stripe and PayPal. You enable your customers to input their credit card information without visiting PayPal and needing to leave your website.

By following the instructions you are able to set up Stripe.

Your WooCommerce shop is setup As soon as you’re done.

woocommerce your stor is ready

You have to click the’Return to WordPress dash’ link.

You’re now prepared to add products after completing the WooCommerce installation.

Step 4. Adding Products For Your Online Store

Let us begin with adding the product.

You have to see Products” Insert New webpage to bring a new item.

wordpress add nerw product

Give a name for your goods and some description.

On the ideal hand column, you will notice that the product Categories’ box. Click the’+Insert New Product Category’ to make a class for this item. This permits your clients and you to form and browse products.

select produst categories wordpress

Scroll down a bit and you’ll observe that the Product Databox. This is where you may offer product-related info like pricing, stock, transport, etc..

wordpress product data

You will notice a box in order to add product description. This description is used when users are currently seeing products .

product short description

In your right hand column you’ll see boxes to put in a product gallery along with a product picture.

add a product imace

It is possible to click to create it live on your own site As soon as you’re happy with the product information you’ve additional.

Repeat the procedure to add more products.

Measure 5. Select and Customize WordPress Theme

Themes control your WordPress websites look to the consumers when it is visited by them. To get a WooCommerce store, they control the way your goods are exhibited.

There are hundreds and hundreds of paid and free WordPress topics accessible.

Your Hostinger hosting accounts automatically installs the Storefront motif for your site. You’ll have to customize it to meet your requirements.

Head to Appearance” Customize page. At which theme preferences can be changed by you this will establish theme customizer.

wordpress woocommerce store appearance costumize

If you do not enjoy the Storefront motif, then it’s possible to use another motif by visiting the Look” Topics page.

wordpress woocommerce themes

Measure 6. Expand Your Online Store With Plugins

Now that you have your online store ready, you need to begin with adding usual elements in your site like on-page a contact type, and much more.

Include attributes like forms, galleries, sliders, etc and to personalize WordPress, you want to use WordPress plugins.

Plugins are programs that permit you to add features.

There are more than 46,000 WordPress.

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