What is WordPress Hosting Server? 2020

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Well, What’s WordPress Hosting?

So that you have made the wise decision to go with WordPress to your site. At this time, you’re about to create the upcoming important decision on your website: hosting. One of a barrage of phrases like shared hosting, dedicated, and VPN, you have come across this thing named WordPress hosting. So… what’s WordPress hosting?

wordpress hosting

What’s WordPress hosting? In brief:

Most simply, WordPress hosting is hosting that’s been optimized to better meet WordPress’s functionality and safety requirements. It also generally includes searchable WordPress supports to make it simple, to begin with, WordPress. And a few WordPress hosts will also automatically upgrade your WordPress applications as needed.

Do you need WordPress hosting to install and run WordPress?

No. WordPress’ minimal requirements are rather insignificant. All you will need is a server using PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0.15 or greater to operate WordPress. In plain English, what this signifies is that each and every host is technically effective at managing WordPress.

But that does not imply that servers are equivalent in regards to conducting WordPress. But that does not mean it is the very best recipe for a happy life!

Consequently, if you would like to go beyond only”hosting a WordPress website”, then a quality WordPress hosting will be able to allow you to operate WordPress better.

Considering what’s WordPress hosting, our sister-site, CodeInWP, conducted a poll of WordPress website owners and discovered that those website owners that hosted WordPress-optimized hosts reported greater overall satisfaction with their host over numerous metrics.

Shared WordPress hosting? What is that?

Like I mentioned, you will typically see two Kinds of WordPress hosting from your search:

  • Shared WordPress Hosting Servers (often abbreviated as “WordPress hosting” ).
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Server.

Shared WordPress hosting is almost always cheaper than the other option.

With shared hosting WordPress hosting, your website will”discuss” a server with other sites. Your server will continue to be performance-optimized for WordPress, you simply will not have it all on your own.

Along with the functionality tweaks, you will also have access to a kind of a one-click WordPress installer. Honestly, this is not a massive attraction because cPanel (on many hosts) currently contains a one-click WordPress installer. But some shared WordPress hosts will proceed a step farther and provide you the choice of pre-installing WordPress.

Eventually, a few WordPress hosts will provide to automatically update your WordPress program. Occasionally they will even update your plugins and themes also! Maintaining your WordPress website updated is an essential security step, which makes this feature really quite important.

You might discover some shared WordPress hosts that provide more WordPress-specific attributes, but the above is pretty much the foundation standard.

Shared WordPress hosts normally offer you steep discounts on your initial billing cycle. After that, costs leap back to usual. Following your very first cycle, then you will normally pay from $7-10.

Recall — these are only starting costs — higher grade shared WordPress programs operate more costly.

What’s handled WordPress hosting?

If shared WordPress hosting is a fresh 3-star resort, handled WordPress hosting is a 5-star hotel with panoramic views.

Besides what Provided by shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting generally provides:

  • Faster rates. Managed WordPress hosting only plain provides better hardware specs, so a quicker WordPress website.
  • Caching is one of the greatest things that you can do to accelerate your WordPress website. Typically you require a plugin to manage it but handled WordPress hosts provide you greater caching without work on your own end.
  • Best security. You are going to acquire WordPress-specific firewalls, in addition to routine malware scans and intrusion detection. All that jargon means that a significantly more protected WordPress website.
  • Presentation websites. Many managed hosts provide staging sites which enable you to readily test adjustments to your website before you create them live.

So what is the catch? Managed WordPress hosting is significantly more expensive. With a couple of exceptions such as SiteGround and Flywheel, you will generally cover in the assortment of $25+ each month to get quality handled WordPress hosting.

In the event, you select shared or handled WordPress hosting?

The standard refrain is that novices should select cheap shared WordPress hosting and also high ranking sites should select handled WordPress hosting. I usually agree with this investigation, however, I think it overlooks one reality:

Time is cash.

If you are a newcomer — it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to do things such as configure caching and keep on top of upgrades. When you proceed with handled WordPress hosting, then you do not need to think about some of that.

It’s true, you’re paying more cash. But that additional cash means you’ve got to spend time handling the functioning of your site. Can you pay an additional $15 a month to conserve hours of banging your head against the wall trying to determine precisely how better to tweak your caching plugin? I know I’d.

Consequently, if budget is the main concern, by all means, go with shared hosting WordPress hosting because of a newcomer. Just do not forget that, for the cheaper price, you’re passing up the concierge services provided by controlled WordPress hosts.

Recommended WordPress hosts

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You have made it this far, you now understand what’s WordPress hosting, so how about a few WordPress hosting hints ?

Thanks to a combination of individual reviews and our crowd-sourced WordPress hosting survey, I feel confident to recommend these WordPress hosts:

  • SiteGround begins at $11.95 a month ($3.95 with voucher price) and provides shared hosting using a few features that are managed.
  • A2 hosting starts at $7.99 a month ($2.96 with voucher price) and provides surprisingly fast speeds to get a shared WordPress server.
  • Flywheel begins at $13 a month and provides handled WordPress hosting.
  • Kinsta begins at $30 a month and provides high-end managed WordPress hosting.

If you have any other questions about WordPress’s hosting feature, leave them in the comments, I will do my best to help!

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