What is WordPress & Why Used? 2020

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What is WordPress & What Can It Be Used‎ For?

“So what’s WordPress, just?” — you may be thinking about.

The simplest response is that:


WordPress is the site’s operating system. ⚙️

Consider it this way, like your smartphone requires iOS or even Android to operate, your”smart-website” requires WordPress.

While WordPress is absolutely not the only site operating system around, it’s the unquestionable leader in this area. Again, that’s “most” sites.

wordpress platforms

Merely to demonstrate how large the difference is between WordPress and everybody else; the 2nd most popular site platform, Joomla, is utilized by less than 3 percent of sites.

Why is WordPress predominate this much & what can it be used for?

You will find at least a couple reasons:

  • WordPress is no charge. You may download it with no cash involved in any way.
  • WordPress is open-source. It is a community project assembled by tens of thousands of volunteers around the world. Everybody can participate. Everybody can build upon WordPress and assist the platform to grow much more.
  • WordPress is advanced. If some attribute is known as ” a regular” in site applications, you can be certain that WordPress has it.
  • WordPress is multidirectional. It may run any sort of web site. Regardless of whether it is an easy company site, a site, a photograph site, a hobby website, a professional company website, a portfolio website, a wedding blog, a physical fitness site, a directory website, an e-commerce shop, WordPress can certainly manage all of it.
  • WordPress is user-friendly and accessible. It may be used by consumers with diminished vision with no issue.
  • WordPress operates on all display sizes and apparatus.
  • WordPress is expanded. You may access your site using a desktop computer, notebook, tablet computer, telephone. Consider plugins as your site’s “programs” (such as your iPhone programs, but on your site ).
  • WordPress is nice. You will find thousands upon thousands of premium and free design bundles (known as topics ) accessible for WordPress. You can set up those in one click.

In brief, WordPress functions as the motor below your site’s hood. It lets it operate, enables you to edit the information of the website, create new articles and pages, then makes sure your site displays properly on all apparatus.

Obviously, so as to benefit from those benefits, first you must receive your hands on WordPress.

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What happens when you go to Google “WordPress”?

Googling “WordPress” is maybe one of the very few perplexing things about WordPress.

Here is the issue; once you google the word”WordPress” you will find two key outcomes:

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

Though fundamental common sense would imply that these two websites ought to be exactly the same, they are not.

In reality, they are very different. Here is what is WordPress when studying the. org vs. Id:

  • WordPress.com is a totally free online platform.
  • WordPress.org is your open-source software project that we have been describing above.

Thus, what will be WordPress.com? WordPress.com was made as an option for men and women that do not necessarily wish to take care of the raw WordPress applications in there but rather would like to have someone manage it to them. Thus, what you do get with WordPress.com is your capacity to make an account — your consumer profile and then utilize a simplified version of WordPress that has been preinstalled on the system’s servers. You may produce a site which way faster than with regular WordPress, but you also give up a few of their performance (unless you are prepared to pay a small commission ).

Simply speaking, we urge the WordPress.org model to the majority of people.

The way to use WordPress & way does WordPress work?

Allow me to briefly inform you how you can start with WordPress and point out some additional reading — if you be interested in studying more.

Thus, to use WordPress, you have to follow both paths:

Instance (a): In case You Would like to Construct a fully-featured site with WordPress

For this, you want two components:

  • a domain name – the address of your website; for example, ours is MasterTechBlog.com
  • Webhost — the location where your site will be stored

Even though it may sound specialized, getting your hands on the two is quite straightforward. Some companies can register a domain on your behalf and grant you access to an internet server.

We wrote about the entire procedure of obtaining a domain name, installing and hosting WordPress from beginning to finish over here. I strongly suggest that you check it out if you are going to be constructing a WordPress site by yourself. The fantastic thing is you can take action in 15 minutes or less. Yes, you are reading this correctly, from scratch into a perfectly working WordPress site in 15 minutes.

Case (b): In case you Only Want to Construct a neighborhood site for analyzing

If you are not considering starting a fully-featured website yet, but only wish to experiment with WordPress at sandbox-like surroundings, you may wish to look at installing WordPress on a local server.

The key with WordPress is that, from a technical viewpoint, it is a bundle of applications. Simply it is the type of software you don’t install on your computer directly but rather run via an internet server. Therefore, if you would like to do this locally, first, you must receive a local server.

The Way to expand WordPress and alter the layout

The very first thing most folks prefer to do with WordPress is scrutinizing the default option appearance/design of the sites.

Like I said, WordPress is extremely simple to extend and alter — both seeing new design and functionality.

To begin with, let us talk about plugins.

Plugins are little pieces of applications that could be set up on your WordPress website to expand its built-in group of attributes. There are hundreds and hundreds of free plugins available online.

Next, Layouts and Themes

Themes are the all-in-one design bundles that may alter the way your site looks in a few clicks. They could be set up in your WordPress site like plugins.

You will find thousands of free themes available here, and many reputable theme shops offering premium WordPress topics.

We have done our share of work at the WordPress themes ecosystem and also have some cool topics of our very own.

What is next?

In the conclusion of the day, despite its own user-friendly temperament, WordPress is a really powerful tool and can be utilized successfully to conduct almost any size of the site.

As an instance, if you go into Beyonce.com, guess what… that is WordPress you are taking a look at.

But that is only the tip of this iceberg.

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